The Prophecy

Written for one of RaeKitano’s prompts.

Theme : Speechless (One of the characters, can’t or won’t speak).



The edge of the tent flapped as we approached and I watched them steal glances at each other. Each trying to hide their fear, Jimmy reached out quickly to put a restraining hand on his arm, “Wait, something doesn’t feel right” he said pointing at the long tear on the canvas.

“The army got to Herr Gustavsson before us?”, Jean asked, eyes wide in childlike curiosity and apprehension. His lips trembled.

“Seems so”, Jimmy said blinking and I watched with pride as ‘the look’ crossed his face. That same one that crossed mine so many times. He was beginning to learn even without knowing the role in the fate had scripted specifically for him.

Jean nodded, hanging back and folded his arms across his tiny chest while he let his elder brother sneak up to the entrance. I already knew what they’d see before they did.

My body brutally torn apart by the witches.

“Jean!” he yelled and the other kid took off to heed his brother’s call.

I followed, my feet barely touching the grass.

Inside the messed up tent they stood side by side looking down at the ghastly sight with dry eyes. I hadn’t expected that, from our closeness as their teacher for these few months I’d expected at least a few tears.

Some wailing even.

“What do we do now?”, Jean asked turning to the other boy for guidance. A pleasant surprise but to be expected. Their kingdom was gone and their uncle turned to stone.

Jimmy was the new king. A King without a throne just as the prophecy said.

The little child’s voice was almost as still as the dry desert air and the fourteen year King looked at him for a second then bent to pick up Zynia.

The bright red light from the ruby at the hilt had gone off just as the life inside me did but the instant the hilt kissed Jimmy’s palm, it came back to life.

Much brighter than it had ever shone for me.

I closed my eyes briefly in relief. I hadn’t been too sure before but at that moment I felt fulfilled. I hadn’t failed.

The fates were right, Jimmy was the Foretold. With the realisation of that, I grew lighter and my vision began to blur. My time was up but his had just begun.

His story had just begun.

Goodluck Jimmy, I wanted to say. May Zynia and the gods remain with him and may he be the Redeemer the people deserve.

The lone candle in my hand flickered and went off, signaling her arrival. Just the way I’d slipped silently out of my dead mother’s womb, thus did I leave the world and the last thing I saw before The Lady of the Endless Night took me away, were his bright blue eyes.

He looked up from the red eye of the blade and right into mine.


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